Part 1 Prep for Vogue Pattern V8827

Tonight I started prep on option C in the Vogue Pattern V8827. All I had time for was to cut out the pattern pieces. I think this is the first time in doing a multi dress pattern that I have needed to cut out every single piece to create the dress option I wanted. I also think that this is the first time the length of the pattern piece is the length of the pattern paper, about 61″, since I’m making the maxi option. There’s also extender pattern pieces for the front and the back of the dress that are 13″ long. Making the overall dress length from shoulder to ankle 74″. I hope the 5 yards of fabric I bought is enough. Below is a snapshot of the pattern envelope and the fabric.



Welcome to the Blog!

This is my inaugural post to the blog I have begun to document my journey through sewing and other crafts. As I finish projects, I will post them here. For the sake of starting some content, I have re-posted the stretchy jersey dress I made a few weeks ago. Check back in a few weeks for my next creation!