Completed Vogue Pattern V8827



Finished this dress late Thursday night to wear to my company’s closing luncheon. Had many compliments during the luncheon.

Had a few issues with the pattern along the way. Got confused in the section where you attach the collar to the neckline/yoke and attached too much of the sides of the dress, making it uncomfortable to wear. The line drawings for this section are really complicated. The fabric I used is a georgette which is thin and lightweight for summer but snags very easily, especially when removing stitches, which I had to do a lot. The sleeves that go with the pattern are gathered at the top and I had trouble distributing the gathers evenly, so I cut out new sleeves from another pattern. Since the dress is a wrap dress the belt helps but the material shifts and unwraps during movement. I used a safety pin slightly hidden under the belt to secure the dress closed. Overall very happy with the dress and can’t wait to wear it again!


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