Completed Vogue Pattern V8870



Vogue Pattern V8870 option A is a great easy summer dress. During the assembly, I found the finished bust sizes on the bodice pattern pieces. Had I noticed those during the fabric cutting, I would have gone down a size from Medium to Small. The slight extra fabric will make it more comfortable to wear to summer fests.

My favorite things about the dress are:

1) How the seam lines for the sleeves blend in making the sleeve and bodice look continuous. The fabric had a large coral section that stood out and would have looked out of place in the middle of the skirt. So I decided to cut the sleeve pieces to have the coral section centered in the seam of the two pieces that make up the sleeve.

2) My second favorite thing is the hemline of the skirt. The front is short and the back is longer. This just adds a little extra interest to the dress and is very popular right now.

I can’t wait to make option B of this pattern.


4 thoughts on “Completed Vogue Pattern V8870

  1. This is so pretty & love the fabric. I’m in Joann’s a lot & have never seen this print. Is it in the Calico cotton section or the apparel fabric section?

  2. Hi
    This dress is really pretty
    I Love your fabric. I am in Joann’s often & have never seen it. Was it in the apparel fabric section or the big section of cotton prints? I went again today & did not see it.

    • Hi Michelle! I found the fabric in the apparel section of the store. When I recently stopped at JoAnn’s on my way back from a road trip, I didn’t see that fabric, but it wasn’t my normal JoAnn’s. I just now looked on the website but didn’t find it. In the future I’ll include a link to the fabric, if available, in the post to help others such as yourself find it to purchase.

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