At Christmas my boyfriend got me an awesome sketchbook that has pages and pages of blank croquis figures. Over the weekend I decided to start using it.

When I’m out shopping I’m always snapping pictures of designs that inspire me. Unfortunately in my phone it’s hard to find the clothing inspirations amongst my graphic design inspirations for work. I’ve decided to use the sketchbook as a place to centralize the “ready to wear” inspirations and test run my ideas for upcoming sewing projects.

I did the sketches quickly in pencil first and then added colored pencil afterwards. I may try that technique for a few more pages and then try using markers on some other pages to see which technique I prefer. The goal is for the sketch to be a thumbnail reminder of design details and not an exact replication.

Mostly when I’m out shopping my attention is grabbed by shirt and dress structures. In the sketches the details of the shirt or dress are what I had documented in my inspiration photos, the pants were an after thought to complete the sketch. My sewing focus at this time is on shirts and dresses.


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