Completed Jacket from Vogue Pattern V1169



Finally completed the jacket from Vogue Pattern V1169! I originally posted about cutting out the pieces for the pattern on June 1, 2013.

For the fabric alone this jacket has about 21 pieces. I cut the fabric pieces to make the flower that’s an add-on under the lapel, but once I got to that point, I decided with the houndstooth print there was enough details to the jacket I didn’t want it to look overworked.

If you are interested in making a jacket quickly, don’t choose this pattern. In addition to cutting out the 21 fabric pieces there are 6 lining pieces and 13 interface pieces. Now I am just counting the pattern piece numbers in my totals. In reality, the amount you are cutting is almost double because many of the pieces aren’t cut on the fold but are two separate pieces for the right left side of the jacket. To sum it up, the prep was a little longer than I was expecting.

I like the look of the piping detail on the jacket. I had trouble getting the piping to lay cleanly around the edges of the pockets. I also think that the pocket parts should have been longer so I could place the pieces slightly lower on the peplum. When I attached the peplum to the jacket I ended up having to sew lower than I think the seam allowance was to get all the raw edges cleanly hidden in the tops of the pockets.

If I made the pattern again, I think I would leave the cuff on the sleeve but make it a regular sleeve instead of one with a pleat.

I love the double lapels on the collar, the peplum, and the buttons.

Lucky for me I had this black slip dress that works well underneath the jacket. Acts as a camisole and a skirt. Someday I might make a black skirt to wear with this jacket but I’d also have to make a camisole…so that will probably be put on hold.

The fabric is a black and white houndstooth from JoAnn Fabric. Here’s the link


Fabric Challenge

I love a fabric problem solving challenge! I just got back from 1154 Lill Studio’s warehouse and sample sale.


They had swatches 17.5 x 17.5″ of the fabric they offer for when you go to their boutiques to make a bag. I bought 8 of the black zebra, 4 of the birds, and 8 of the black and white. Several years ago I bought two of the squares and made a vest. So I have a rough idea of how much fabric might be needed to make a larger piece.


I also bought scraps of striped brown fabric that should be enough for at least a skirt and potentially a dress. Time to get the labels off the fabric and throw it in the wash!

Completed Butterick Pattern B5886


I finally completed Butterick Pattern B5886. I had originally got this dress close enough to being complete to wear to a barbecue in July.

During the making, I didn’t want the skirt of the dress to be as wide and billowy as the pattern pieces specified. So I continued to sew in the side hems until I liked the fit. It was a lot of sewing, then trying the dress on, then sewing again. But this method caused some puckering. Since I had trimmed off the excess fabric from the side seams I knew where the seam should be. I pulled out the side seam stitches and stitched new seams to eliminate the puckering.

The belt is detached from the dress. The dress looks good without the belt as well.

My favorite part of this dress is the way the bodice connects to the back at the neckline. From the front it looks like a halter dress. But surprise! It’s not.

I purchased the fabric from JoAnn’s. It’s thin and requires a lining fabric. Here’s the link to the fabric