Completed Butterick Pattern B5886


I finally completed Butterick Pattern B5886. I had originally got this dress close enough to being complete to wear to a barbecue in July.

During the making, I didn’t want the skirt of the dress to be as wide and billowy as the pattern pieces specified. So I continued to sew in the side hems until I liked the fit. It was a lot of sewing, then trying the dress on, then sewing again. But this method caused some puckering. Since I had trimmed off the excess fabric from the side seams I knew where the seam should be. I pulled out the side seam stitches and stitched new seams to eliminate the puckering.

The belt is detached from the dress. The dress looks good without the belt as well.

My favorite part of this dress is the way the bodice connects to the back at the neckline. From the front it looks like a halter dress. But surprise! It’s not.

I purchased the fabric from JoAnn’s. It’s thin and requires a lining fabric. Here’s the link to the fabric


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