Fancy T-shirt



In the Spring I bought about 1.5 yards of light blue jersey while I was buying fabric at JoAnn’s for other projects. I wanted more than 1.5 yards, but that was all that was on the bolt. It took some time for me to figure out what to use the fabric for since I didn’t have enough for my original idea. Fixing the blue and white houndstooth shirt last week I realized the basic pattern of that shirt might be a good construction for the jersey fabric.


Using Cynthia Rowley Simplicity Pattern 2497 option A as the base for the shirt, I cut the bodice, collar, and skirt pieces. Since I didn’t have very much jersey the skirt pieces are shirt length. I used sleeves from another pattern and finished the hem of the sleeves and shirt with bias tape.

For the original 2497, a stable band is used to combine the bodice to the bottom half of the shirt, but that requires a zipper on the side to put the shirt on. So instead I sewed the bodice and skirt pieces directly together and added elastic to cinch the waist. To make the collar more interesting, I added top stitching.


Dress Change-Up



So I made a dress a couple years ago out of a silk blue and white houndstooth. I love the fabric and while the fit looks great on the dress form, it didn’t look as great as I’d like on me.

Only having the fabric of the dress to work with, I decided to change it to a top. The sleeves were always uncomfortable due to other fit issues with the dress that I’ll fix next time I make the pattern. I removed the sleeves so I could wear the new top with and without a cardigan.

For ease of wearing I removed the original waistband and the zipper at the side. I added an elastic waistband and slits at sides for ease in wearing.