Fancy T-shirt



In the Spring I bought about 1.5 yards of light blue jersey while I was buying fabric at JoAnn’s for other projects. I wanted more than 1.5 yards, but that was all that was on the bolt. It took some time for me to figure out what to use the fabric for since I didn’t have enough for my original idea. Fixing the blue and white houndstooth shirt last week I realized the basic pattern of that shirt might be a good construction for the jersey fabric.


Using Cynthia Rowley Simplicity Pattern 2497 option A as the base for the shirt, I cut the bodice, collar, and skirt pieces. Since I didn’t have very much jersey the skirt pieces are shirt length. I used sleeves from another pattern and finished the hem of the sleeves and shirt with bias tape.

For the original 2497, a stable band is used to combine the bodice to the bottom half of the shirt, but that requires a zipper on the side to put the shirt on. So instead I sewed the bodice and skirt pieces directly together and added elastic to cinch the waist. To make the collar more interesting, I added top stitching.


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