Fabric Challenge #2 Complete

Back in September I bought some fabric remnants from 1154 Lill that were 17.5 x 17.5″. I bought four squares of the plain black and four squares of the black and white birds.

I wanted to use only those squares of fabric to make something. I made some sketches of what I could potentially do with the fabric. Once I started to lay out the fabric with pattern pieces, I found out the 17.5″ was not long enough for a panel for a shirt, but would be long enough for a bodice for a dress. I was really interested in having a collar look so I figured out a way to add a collar to the straps. For the outside of the dress I only used the squares of fabric but I did use some black silk I already had to line the bodice. I think I spent about $11 on materials.



Fabric Challenge #1 Completed


Back in September I posted about how I bought scraps of fabric at 1154 Lill Studio’s warehouse and sample sale. Well, I finally got to work on problem solving what I could make with the scraps.

My original thought had been I would make a pleated skirt because I only had that much fabric and the pleating would mask the seam I would have to make in the front since the scraps of fabric weren’t very wide. After I finished cutting the skirt pieces, I still had several pieces that were large enough for a top. The only problem was the lines were running in the opposite direction of the skirt. Or was that a problem? I decided that having the lines running horizontal on top and vertical on the bottom would make the dress more interesting and store bought looking.

The original version of the dress the skirt was gathered at the waist but unfortunately the fabric looked too bulky. I didn’t have enough fabric to make the pleats really exaggerated so instead it looked like bad tailoring. I removed the extra fabric in the skirt to make it more A-line. Unfortunately you can slightly see the seem in the front of the skirt. But I think I paid $3-$4 for the fabric, had a zipper and thread from when I bought multi-packs, and got bias tape for about $2 to finish the neckline and armholes. Overall I may have spent $8 on the dress. For that price and my resourcefulness, I don’t really mind if there’s a seam showing in front. I also might have enough fabric left to make a clutch.