Fabric Challenge #3 Complete

A couple weeks ago I made a dress with fabric remnants from 1154 Lill that were 17.5 x 17.5″. It took 4 squares to make the top and 4 squares to make the skirt. Knowing that, I made sketches of what I could make with the 8 squares of zebra fabric I also bought from 1154 Lill.


Looking through the patterns I had, I tried to find a top that required multiple pieces to construct. The 17.5″ squares aren’t wide or long enough to make a full covering front piece. I found a pattern that needed separate pieces to make the sleeves, could have side panels added to it to extend the width, and pleats in the front and back to camouflage the seams. The scooped neck and add-on sleeves maximized the length I had to work with and allowed the top to end lower which I liked so that could be the focus.


Since the fabric is woven and heavier, I had trouble pulling the basting threads to create a gather in the skirt without breaking. After several tries, I decided to make a casing in the top of the skirt to add elastic to make the gathering. Once the skirt was gathered I sewed it to the constructed top and added a zipper with a pop of color. I had double folded bias tape in the same color as the zipper that I added to finish the sleeves to carry the color through. I played with the idea of adding the bias tape to the collar but after laying it on the collar and taking some photos from a distance, my boyfriend and I thought it seemed like too much. This way with a plain collar I can wear a colored necklace.


The 17.5″ squares of fabric were $8 and the bias tape was $2. I bought the zipper and thread in multi-packs of supplies. I think I spent about $11 total on the dress.


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