Fabric Challenge #4 Complete

Couple weeks ago I posted a sneak peak of Fabric Challenge #4. Happy to report that project is complete! Took me awhile to get pictures taken of the completed blouse because it’s too fitted to put back on the dress form.


As a reminder the reason this is a Fabric Challenge is because I was trying to make something out of 17.5 x 17.5″ swatches of fabric from 1154 Lill. I had 8 black and white swatches. I decided to make it more interesting by using neon green remnants that I got at 1154 Lill several years ago for piping detail.


The finished blouse is a combination of three sewing patterns. I started with a strapless bodice that I have sewn several times that has a nice fit. Then from another pattern I picked sleeves that could connect straight at the top of the bodice and be constructed of multiple pieces since fabric was limited. Wanting to make a blouse with a peplum for quite some time, I opted to make the third part of the blouse based on a skirt flounce I had. I liked the idea of continuing the piping through the front panel to the hem.



A recap of costs. I spent $8 on the black and white swatches of fabric. Used neon green remnants of fabric that I got in a grab bag, we’ll say $.50. Bought trim to be the base of the piping, $2.50. Had to use leftover black lining fabric, black thread, and a green zipper I got in a multi-pack, that might be about $2. That’s about $13 total.

Thanks to my boo, Rolando, for taking pics of me modeling my new blouse.



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