From bed sheets to a dress, why not?

I have been making a lot of dresses recently out of jersey. It’s super comfortable and drapes easily. So when it was time to buy new sheets because I accidentally snagged the fitted sheet (eventually causing a huge hole) I couldn’t resist reusing the regular sheet to make a dress.


So how do you take heather grey jersey sheets and make them into a dress and not a toga? Well, my hope was that if I picked a sewing pattern that had some structural details, such as pleating and a cross draped skirt, that maybe it would less resemble a toga. Vogue Pattern V1343 had enough structure and looseness in the design to work with the strengths of jersey and take it up a notch.


I like the top of the dress. Unfortunately, the size I cut is roomer than what I needed and the neckline scoops lower and wider than I was expecting. I wasn’t able to fully find that out until the elastic was added to the waistline which is almost the last step. All the ends had already been finished and I wasn’t willing to take it apart since jersey rips soo easily. To help compensate, I was able to move the buttons on the back farther to the right to help keep the top secured on my shoulders.


I was able to salvage the elastic used around the edge of the fitted sheet for the waistband. And have saved the rest for future dresses coming up. I have worn this dress once so far with a black belt, a black long sleeve shirt underneath, black leggings and boots. It’s perfect for staying comfy in the Fall.


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