Navy and white stripe shirt using Vogue Pattern V8831


I’m soo excited about this shirt I made using Vogue Pattern V8831! Early 2014, I bought this navy and white stripe fabric from JoAnn’s. I really liked how the white stripes had the appearance of being a lace but knit. Since the stripes are wide I was nervous about using the fabric for a dress but it was lightweight enough that I thought would be good for a cardigan or shirt.


I did some sketches and was really interested in creating a hooded cardigan but I thought I would get more use out of a long shirt with a cowl neck.


Since V8831 has 3 panels in the front and 3 panels in the back, I was worried about matching the stripes all in one direction at the seams. I also thought that might be a little overwhelming to look at, so I decided to make the side panels run in the opposite direction of the grainline. By doing that, it ends up creating a slimming effect by following the shape of the panels.


I had made a shirt several years ago using V8831 but I was using up navy jegging scraps and only had enough to do the cap sleeve version. I always feel like the cowl neck is disproportionate to the cap sleeves when I wear it. I’m really glad I decided to try out the pattern again with this fabric. The shirt ends up having a nautical feel to it, which I love! I can’t wait to wear it!


One thought on “Navy and white stripe shirt using Vogue Pattern V8831

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