Dress using Simplicity Pattern 2472

A month or so ago my friend Maggie and I were shopping at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston. One bolt of fabric that I found had a yard of fabric that was printed and then a yard of fabric that was plain and so on throughout the whole bolt. I immediately began picturing a dress that had the print on the front and the plain side on the back. Funny thing was there were about 4 bolts of this fabric. It was tricky because depending on which bolt you grabbed someone else may already cut from it so there was less of the printed portion of the fabric to start with. We found one that had even portions of the printed and plain.


I did some sketches to decide if I wanted this to look like a long shirt dress or tank dress. Several years ago I made a dress using Simplicity’s Cynthia Rowley Pattern 2472 but the fabric shrunk because I didn’t pre-wash. I took that dress apart and made a shirt. But since then I wanted to try this sewing pattern again once I found the right fabric.

The idea of this dress is to look like a loose shirt. It’s really simple to construct, only 1 front piece, 1 back piece  (both of which include the sleeves), and then binding pieces for the collar and sleeve edges. When I made the dress before the size I selected was too tight in the hips. I wanted to avoid that this time so I cut extra in that area.

Sewing together what I cut out, I ended up with an oversized moomoo. Not what I was hoping for. It took awhile, but I kept sewing it in and trying it on until finally the loose shape had the hint of a structure and seemed more planned.


I changed the sleeves and the neckline. I didn’t want the sleeves to be long or have the banding at the bottom. I wanted more of a built-in cap sleeve. The neckline was too tight once I made my adjustments in the fit so I cut the neckline lower in the front and back.

It is a simple silhouette. Took some time. But excited to wear it.


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