2 shirts into 1

A few weeks ago I was at Salvation Army and picked up a couple of shirts that I thought my boyfriend would like.

Before_orangenavy_plaid_shirt Before_offwhite_plaid_shirt

Unfortunately, when I got them home they didn’t fit Rolando. Since I bought them at Salvation Army you can’t return them. So I decided since the fabrics have similar color schemes that it would be fun to take the shirts apart and make a new dress/shirt.


Combining the two fabrics I knew that it would be best to make a garment that had a separate top and bottom. To balance the look, I put the larger and bolder plaid on the bottom.


Ended up making my go-to silhouette. A fitted bodice with a skirt that has a gathered waistband. The hem is uneven based on the pieces I had to work with. The bottom of the skirt in the back was once the back top of the shirt, so it has a fun panel detail. The finishing touch was an orange zipper that matchs the orange in both fabrics perfectly!


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