Modified McCall’s Pattern M6433 Dress

I am so excited to finally call this dress done! I purchased this stretchy knit fabric in early spring of 2014. Wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this fabric so it got pushed to the side. I did a sketch for a maxi dress using McCall’s Pattern M6433 in January 2015.


I had made a maxi dress using pattern M6433 before, so I knew I liked the fit. Since this fabric is a stretchy knit, I thought it would hang nicely. In my first attempt, I followed the pattern almost exactly. I created the same pleats in the shoulders and the front/back as directed in the pattern. Unfortunately, what I didn’t take into account was how bad the pleats would look with striped fabric. There’s a small photo above that shows the first attempt.


It took awhile to remove all of the pleats because I had used very small stitches to hide that the thread wasn’t quite the right color teal. This knit fabric was very delicate and when I was removing the stitches I created a few small holes. But since the fabric was stretchy I didn’t need a zipper and sewed those seams together instead. Next time I’ll just cut second pieces of the bodice front and skirt front to use for the backs so there isn’t the mismatched lines. I decided to not include sleeves and to shorten the hem to be at the knee instead of at the ankle. To stabilize the neckline and the arm holes, I used bias tape. But for the hem, I knew it was likely without bias tape it would ruffle and I thought it would make the dress more fun and playful.


Like I mentioned, when I was removing the pleats, I accidentally created a few small holes in the fabric. I purchased new teal thread that was closer to the fabric color but wasn’t close enough to fix the holes and blend in with the fabric. I remembered that I had purchased a purple sequin appliqué in maybe 2006 that I never used. Luckily the sequins were the perfect shade of purple and the iridescent beads pair nicely with the teal. So I’m super excited the appliqué not only hides the holes but also completes the dress in such a unique way that I hadn’t planned.

Yes! It’s done. 🙂


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