Yoga mat bag

Twice a week for nearly a year, I have been doing yoga at lunchtime. It’s a quick walk from the office where I work and the gym so there was no hurry to get a yoga mat bag. This weekend I wanted to bike from home to downtown for the final yoga in the park at Millennium Park for the summer. That would require a yoga mat bag. I remembered I had a canvas fabric with an orange and brown print of trees and birds. The fabric design is linear which made it hard to find something to use it for. I would have preferred a more scattered pattern but I only had an evening to make the bag so I used what I had on hand.


Thank you Spoonflower’s Blog ( for the DIY entry about sewing a yoga mat bag. The directions were easy to follow. I considered using contrast fabric for the lining and the drawstring top, but I didn’t have a fabric that would pair well with the orange and brown. The finished yoga mat bag fits loosely. My yoga mat has been tightly rolled when not in use since I got it so maybe over time in the bag the mat might fill the space better.

For my bike ride today from home to Millennium Park, the extra space in the bag was useful for storing a water bottle. Unfortunately, a lightning storm caused yoga to be cancelled in the park. But I was able to make the yoga class at my gym. I am happy to report that for the first time today I was strong enough to do the crow pose (an arm balance that can lead to a hand stand) for about 2 seconds and the wheel pose (also known as full back bend) for about 3 seconds. Yeah!!!


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