Dress using New Look Pattern 6208

No better time to wear a lot of sparkles then at a company holiday party! Several years ago I bought sequin trim at a fabric store liquidation sale. Due to that I never had specific use for it. 6208_back_closeup2

But with a holiday party coming up I decided I would look for a dress pattern that might have a good way to incorporate the sequin trim. I was worried about sewing directly on the sequins and ruining them. I was excited to find a pattern with New Look that utilized pieces of fabric in the back. As you can see from my sketch, I had hoped to use the sequin trim around the waist but once I got the dress assembled it seemed like that detail would be too much.


The secret about the fabric is that it’s actually wrong-side up. The right-side of the fabric is white glitter with white swirls. It’s very sparkly. When I was at JoAnn’s I was looking for a fabric that was either black, silver, navy, or purple that would look rich next to the sequins. On the bolt, the white swirly fabric was actually wrapped so that the wrong side was showing on the shelf so that all of the glitter wouldn’t get ruined. That’s how I got the idea to use the wrong-side instead of the right-side.


The fabric was actually very see-thru as well. I purchased black lining fabric and sewed a piece to each of the pattern pieces before I sewed the seams. That eliminated the see-thru and also sandwiched the glitter so I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving a trail of glitter behind me while I was wearing the dress.


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