Tunic using Vogue Pattern V8831

One of the benefits of sewing a pattern multiple times is learning how to make the fit best for you. Granted, if I made a muslin version first of each of the sewing patterns I used that would help too…but I’m too impatient for that. 🙂

The first time I used Vogue Pattern V8831, I made a short sleeve shirt with a cowl using a navy stretch jersey. That shirt is super comfortable and the jersey drapes nicely. When I wear it I wish the sleeves were long instead of capped, however. The second shirt I made, I used a thin knit with thick navy and white stripes. That shirt had long sleeves but I wished the length of the shirt was longer. Blog post from January 2015.


Each week, I’m always looking thru my closet looking for tunics or dresses that I haven’t worn yet. Before Christmas I was at JoAnn’s and found a grey sparkly stretch jersey on sale. I decided immediately that I was purchasing it to make a tunic.


Since I had used V8831 to make a shirt previously I knew that where the hem line would fall using the pattern pieces would be okay but not as long as I’d like to make it a tunic. I added about 4 inches to the bottom of the front and back pieces following the curve of the pattern pieces. Since the fabric is a jersey stretch I was able to make sure the waist was cinched but didn’t have to worry about having trouble getting the tunic over my shoulders.


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