Black & White Tweed

Finished another dress and too excited to wait till daylight to take better photos.


Creating garments with tweed is typically a challenge because it shrinks during washing and seams can unravel easily. Many tweed garments have linings to help hide the seams and add more comfort when wearing. Without meaning to, I bought a thinner black and white tweed with a slight stretch in it. I’ve worked with heavier tweeds in the past and it ‘s challenging to get the fit just right because making small incremental changes in the seams become thick under the needle. To hopefully eliminate shrinking, I washed the fabric after I first purchased it.


I’ve made two other dresses using Simplicity Pattern 2282 in the past so I knew what to expect in the fit. Instead of making an all tweed dress, I decided to incorporate black denim in the side bodice and sleeves. The trickiest parts of the dress to sew are the rounded corners in the waist. It’s hard to sew that area without creating a pucker and using a contrast fabric makes any imperfections in that area more noticeable. Every time I sew this pattern, I end up modifying the shoulders in the sleeves. They are supposed to be boxy but it ends up looking like bad tailoring. I ended up eliminating about 3″ of fabric in the shoulders.

To unify the look in the back I used a long metal zipper with black tape. I omitted a lining. Since I now have a serger, I was able to finish all the edges with a thin serge stitch once I knew the fit was perfect. Now I won’t have any unraveling edges or unsightly strings after washing.


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