Sweater Blazer – S2250

In a fabric buying frenzy before Christmas, I bought sweater fabric that I wasn’t sure what to make with it. I’m not really a poncho girl but I decided that a blazer using Simplicity Cynthia Rowley Pattern 2250 would more likely be a piece that I’d wear.


I haven’t made a jacket type piece in a long time. I’ll have to use this pattern again and try it with a stretch jersey fabric. The pattern sketch looks to me like the sleeves are supposed to be long sleeve but on me they are more like 3-quarter sleeves. I didn’t prewash this fabric. I’m slightly worried that I will wear this sweater blazer once, wash it, and then it will shrink.  I’ll just have to be careful and handwash it with Woolite.

This fabric is heavy enough that I don’t think I will need the belt that comes in the pattern. I cut the fabric for it but will try wearing it a few times before I sew it.



Phew! I continued my goal of one garment per month. Was cutting it close for February.


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