Dress – McCall’s M7115

This is a later post of dress I completed on March 19. (Which means I am still on track of my 2017 Goal of completing one garment per month!!).


I used the McCall’s Pattern M7115. I considered sewing a romper but decided I would try the pattern out first before I did that. Instead of having buttons in the front I decided to do a zipper. I think I saw a similar dress construction at Express and liked the look.


The pattern doesn’t call for elastic at the waist but I needed something to cinch the waist more. I added that at the end.

The most frustrating part about this whole process was taking the photos of the dress at the end. The fabric doesn’t have any stretch and I was unable to get the waist over the shoulders of my dress form. Which meant I needed to model the dress. Unfortunately the first 200 photos using the continuous mode on my self-timer turned out blurry. After trying a number of settings and different days with different lighting, I finally got two photos that are in decent focus which are shown above. (Hence why it took me two weeks to post this. đŸ™‚ )


Above are two of the better outtakes. đŸ™‚


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