Seam foam and yellow dress


This is the first dress I’ve made using the selvage squares that I bought from the Vogue Fabrics Warehouse Sale. I had 20 squares of the sea foam green and 8 to 9 squares of the patterned triangle fabric. Unfortunately, I had already cut all the pieces and was sewing when I realized I should have been documenting the process.



For the bodice I used my go-to Vogue Pattern V8149 option A. The strapless bodice doesn’t require much fabric and I can easily add straps to it.

For the skirt, that was trial and error. The first skirt I constructed wasn’t flowy enough and the tiers of fabric weren’t in the right proportion. I took that one apart and added two more panels to each layer and shortened the tiers. I still notice a slight flaw but I’ll try to prevent that when I make the next of the selvage dresses.

I think I’ll use bodice option B for another dress I construct with the selvage squares.



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