Blouse using Simplicity Pattern S1425


To create this blouse I had 8 rectangles of the sea foam with navy/white and 6 rectangles of the white with sea foam/navy. The game had two parts: 1) Use the rectangles of two fabrics with similar color schemes to cut out all of the pattern pieces. 2) Combine them to create a composition that makes sense.

For the most part the rectangle length and width was what was required for each pattern piece. But in a couple of instances I had to do some creative splicing.

In the front I had to splice two white with sea foam/navy panels together to complete the lower bodice. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice until after I sewed the complete front together that the piece to form the splice in the center was cut with the fabric rotated upside down. It might be something that only I will ever notice but it definitely wasn’t my intention to do it. If during wearing it, I realize that really bothers me, I still have 1 rectangle left of the white with sea foam/navy that I could cut to swap out.


When I washed the fabric rectangle scraps, I made sure to dry them so that any shrinking of the fabric would happen prior to the garment being assembled. I also left the fit to be a little looser not only for ease during wearing but also in case the fabric continues to shrink when washed.


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