Watercolor print using Vogue Pattern V1343

Before last Christmas I found an extremely colorful fabric that looked like a watercolor print at JoAnn. I knew immediately I wanted to use it to make another dress using Vogue Pattern V1343. The fabric is not only colorful but has random strokes of stitching throughout to add extra texture.


Previously when I sewed this dress pattern I used all of the pieces as directed. That dress had a low neckline and the sleeves were falling off my shoulders (Previous Dress Made Using V1343).  I later ended up removing the front portion of the sleeves (the front yoke) so that the fit would be better. Taking that into account when cutting the pieces of the fabric to make the watercolor dress, I omitted the front yoke and sewed the back yoke to the neckline. I ended up cutting the armholes wider so that they wouldn’t be too tight.


This pattern has extra seam allowance for French seams. To complete a French seam first I needed to sew the wrong sides together and then turn them inside out and sew the right sides together. This hides the raw edges and is an alternative to using a serger.

This pattern includes directions to make bias tape and facings for the left hem, right hem, and back hem. Using the same fabric as the bias tape to finish the raw edges was a nice alternative. Typically I have to press the raw edges in and it’s hard to do in a tight circle.


The fabric has a slight stretch to it. The pattern has pleats in the front and the back for a flattering fit. The elastic waist helps cinch all of the fabric and can be covered by a belt. The pattern included directions for belt loops which I added. The back neckline is held closed with 3 buttons.

I finished the bulk of the dress a couple of weekends ago but had a few hand sewing details I needed to do, plus wait for the lighting to be bright enough to take photos.


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