Dress using McCall’s Pattern M6433

I’ve sewn a couple dresses using McCall’s Pattern M6433 before. It’s a great maxi pattern to use with a stretch fabric. Also then a zipper isn’t needed. The pattern has a few darts at the shoulders and waist that I almost omitted. Since the print pattern is a scatter the darts were able to be camouflaged. The darts add more of a focus to the neckline. 

I’ve been working on this  dress here and there since May. I missed my complete one item per month in May. But I might be able to make a second before June is over. 🙂

Sneak peak at Fabric Challenge #4

For the last four fabric challenges I have been working on, I purchased the swatches at 1154 Lill, a custom handbag brand. Unfortunately 1154 Lill is closing. Today I went to the closing sale to pick up some final swatches.


Scored two different black and red patterns that I think I will mix together to make a dress. Also got some plain lime green and patterned lime green and black fabric that I might make a jacket. Look for those postings in the future, the red and black might not be till end of summer since those are more fall like looks.

Wanted to provide a sneak peak of what I’m working on for Fabric Challenge #4. Using swatches of black and white woven fabric with lime green piping. Here’s what I have constructed so far…


Welcome to the Blog!

This is my inaugural post to the blog I have begun to document my journey through sewing and other crafts. As I finish projects, I will post them here. For the sake of starting some content, I have re-posted the stretchy jersey dress I made a few weeks ago. Check back in a few weeks for my next creation!